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Post Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:03 pm
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A guy walks into a bar and sees a pirate sitting on one of bar stools. The pirate has a wooden leg, a hook on his hand and a patch on his eye.

"Wow," says the guy "You must have some amazing stories."

"Harrr," says the pirate "That I have laddie, that I have."

"So how'd you get the wooden leg?" the guy asks

"Harrr" says the pirate "Lost me leg to a shark in Trinidad."

"Wow" says the guy "What about the hook on your hand?"

"Harrr" says the pirate "lost me hand in a knife fight in Bangkok."

"Amazing" says the guy "How'd you lose your eye?"

"Seagull pooped in it" says the pirate.

"And that made you lose your eye?" says the guy, surprised.

"Harrr" says the pirate "First day I had me hook!"

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:face palm: I think this pirate is a little funny.

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