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Cat Statue Joke

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Post Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:34 pm
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A guy snooping around a dusty old antique shop finds a little stone statue of a cat.

"How much for the cat statue?" He asks the old shop keeper.

"$10 for the statue" says the old man "and $100 for the story"

"Ah I could care less about the story" says the guy "Here's your ten bucks."

As the guy walks out of the store The old man cackles and says "You'll be back for the story."

The guy tosses the cat statue into his trunk and drives away.

He comes to a stop light and happens to look in his rear-view mirror. Dozens of cats are following his car. "Weird" he says to himself.

At the next stoplight he looks again and there are hundreds of cats!

By the time he gets to the edge of town he's being chased by thousands of cats!!

Panic stricken, he drives out onto a bridge, jumps out of the car, opens the trunk and throws the cat statue into the river. All the cats jump into the river and drown.

He returns immediately to the antique shop. "I told you you'd be back for the story" says the old man.

"Story, schmory" says the guy...."Ya got any lawyer statues?"


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